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Full Circle

...and under the radar.

15 May 1981
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I'm Lindsay.

Hi, Hi. That's me.

I've been online since 1992 when my Dad first signed us up for Prodigy (anybody remember that?). And so would begin my life-long love affair with the internets...and being an exhibitionist of sorts upon them.

I'm addicted to social-networking sites, not because I am a big net-worker but more because I am a fascinated, closet misanthrope. I also have voyeuristic tendencies. You can find me at any of the following:

I am, obviously...as most people are, comprised of many different labels. I apply them only in so far as language helps us to define that which is in essence, truly undefinable. Mother. Lover. Friend. Vagabond. Gypsy. Audiophile. Bookworm. Intelligent. Teacher-In-Training. Curious. Perpetual Student. Sensible. Crafty. Kind. Obsessive-Compulsive about cleaning. Nasty, nasty whore. List-maker. Eccentric. Mexican. Champion Cock-Sucker. Unapologetic in all matters of self. Chocoholic. Life-long Ganja smoker. Metaphysical being. Pouty McPouterson. Impatient. Curvy and plus-sized. Board Game Fanatic. Disc Golf player extraordinaire. Wisely logical. Adoring Wife. Mentor. Occasional Muse. Inherently Me.

I am married to this darling boy, ceaserswine:
Lap Dance.

And I never want to live without him. He is everything I am. My be. Mi amor...

At my center, I am a reader of words, so it only follows that I like to put them down to page (or screen) sometimes as well.

So, browse, read, masturbate...do what you like.

Let's be revolutionaries..

1984, 2001: a space odyssey, adbusters, adult swim, albert camus, aldous huxley, allen ginsberg, anthropology, arcade fire, art rock, baraka, baristas, battles, beards, beck, being outside, big vocabularies, billie holiday, björk, bluegrass, board games, bodysong, boggle, bonnaroo, bookstores, c-span, charles mingus, christopher moore, clifford brown, coffee, college radio, connect four, culture, curvaceous women, democratic socialism, devendra banhart, disc golf, discourse, dystopian fiction, edward said, experimental music, explosions in the sky, feminism, french, ganja, george orwell, god, godspeed you! black emperor, great literature, growing veggies, halls cherry cough drops, haruki murakami, hefewiezens, hip mamas, history, hot chocolate, imported beers, independent film, indian food, indie rock, intellectual fetish, interpol, j.d. salinger, jack kerouac, jazz, jeff buckley, john coltrane, johnny greenwood, jolie holland, kokomo, kurt vonnegut, laws, left-wing propaganda, libraries, life, light, live music, long hair, love, lust, making out, mellowdrone, miles davis, mulatu astake, my children, noam chomsky, non-western perspectives, npr, ok computer, open form poetry, opinions, pablo neruda, pad thai, pandora radio, people watching, peter murphy, piano-driven rock, pink floyd, pj harvey, planting flowers, play, poetic copulation, policy, political science, portishead, post rock, proud progressives, public transportation, pumpkin spice, radiohead, reese's cups, riding bikes, shipping news, sigur ros, sleater-kinney, sonic youth, southern smells, space music, stanley kubrick, staring at features, strawberry ice cream, the beatles, the beats, the blues, the color green, the cure, the flaming lips, the mars volta, thelonius monk, thunderstorms, tom waits sundays, tv on the radio, us constitution, us history, wes anderson, wilco, wine, women's studies, yeah yeah yeahs, you